Bemannade skolbibliotek

Nu finns ett utkast till den nya IFLA School Libraries Guidelines publicerat på . Där står det bland annat så här angående bemanningen på skolbibliotek:

”Staffing school libraries: Because the role of school libraries is to facilitate teaching and learning, the services and activities of school libraries need to be under the direction of professional staff with the same level of education and preparation as classroom teachers. Where school librarians are expected to take a leadership role in the school, they need to have the same level of education and preparation as other leaders in the school such as school administrators and learning specialists. The operational aspects of school libraries are best handled by trained clerical and technical support staff, in order to ensure that school librarians have the time needed for the professional roles of instruction, management, collaboration and leadership.

Staffing patterns for school libraries vary depending on the local context, influenced by legislation, economic development, and educational infrastructure. However, more than fifty years of international research indicates that school librarians require formal education in school librarianship and classroom teaching in order to develop the professional expertise required for the complex roles of instruction, reading and literacy development, school library management, collaboration with teaching staff, and engagement with the educational community.”

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